Import FBX Options Dialog Box

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When you specify an FBX file to import into Softimage, the Crosswalk FBX Import window opens where you can set the FBX import options. Note that geometry is always imported.

To import, do the following:

• Choose File > Crosswalk > Import FBX


Crosswalk [version]

Indicates which version of the Crosswalk toolset is currently installed.

Check For Updates

Opens a Netview window displaying the Autodesk Crosswalk web page where you can download and update your Crosswalk installation with the most current released version of the plug-in.

Load Options

Exclusive merge

Merges only the animation from the FBX file with the corresponding Softimage elements.

Any modifications to geometry, textures, materials or envelope weighting in MotionBuilder is not included in the Exclusive merge process.

Add to scene

Imports all data from the FBX file into a new model which is named with the same name as the FBX file and placed under the scene root. The Add to scene option works in a similar fashion to the Softimage scene merge, see Merging Scenes [Data Management].


Uses a combination of the Exclusive merge and Add to scene. When enabled, the animation is merged with the elements that are already present in the Softimage scene, and creates a new model for any other objects that are defined in the FBX file.

Import Options


When disabled, the scene is imported without its cameras.


When disabled, the scene is imported without its lights.

Animation Options

Import animation

Activates the import of animation.

[animation layer]

Select the animation from a specific layer that you want to import. [Default is No Animation]


Sets the number of frames per second. This normally is the same as the scene’s Frame rate.

The FPS option is used when the FBX importer needs to perform function curve resampling. Resampling is triggered when pivot or IK animation is imported. Also, when importing any animation where Fbx_Root nodes are used to orient and scale scenes from other graphics applications.

Special Options

Protect expression-driven animation curves

Keeps any expression-driven animation when merging back your scene.

Import skeleton elements as nulls

Converts all effectors and bones to nulls. See Skeleton Conversions [Data Management] for more details.

Weighting on envelopes is not affected by this conversion.

Keep XSI effectors

Keeps all effectors as you created them.

The import process keeps the effectors under the root node of its respective chain. This import option setting must match the export option setting. See Skeleton Conversions [Data Management] for more details.

Set envelopes

Imports envelopes for skinning.

Force normalization of envelope weights

Correct any corrupted envelopes caused by a 3D software that does not support normalized weighting systems.

This feature performs only a limited amount of correction and is not normally necessary.


Scale Factor

Indicates the scaling value that will be used to import the contents of the FBX file.


When on, automatically detects the units used to export the file and matches it (Scale Factor = 1). When off, you can import the file using the units of your choice. Keep in mind that using a scale factor other than 1 can cause skinned (enveloped) characters to not be imported correctly.

File units converted to

Converts the file units to one of the following unit scales: Millimeters, Centimeters, Decimeters, Meters, Kilometers, Inches, Feet, Yards, or Miles. This option is only available when Automatic is turned off.


Show the Warnings and Errors dialog box

Lets you enable or disable the display of the FBX Import/Export Warning Dialog Box that may appear during the import process. [Default is Enabled]


A listing of all supported scene elements and attributes. These are described in more detail in Supported Scene Elements and Attributes for FBX [Data Management].

Autodesk Crosswalk v5.0