Tweak Normals Preferences

Controls how the Tweak User Normals tool and other commands that affect user normals work. For more information about setting user normals, see Setting User Normals on Polygon Meshes [Polygon Modeling].

To display: Choose File > Preferences, expand the Tools node, and click Tweak Normals.

Alternatively, choose Modify > Component > Set User Normals > Settings on the Model toolbar, or right-click and choose Settings while the Tweak User Normals tool is active (Modify > Component > Tweak User Normals).


Pick Size (pixels)

The tolerance in pixels for picking components. A component is considered to be “under” the mouse pointer if it is within this distance. When there are multiple types of components within the picking radius, priority is given first to points, then to polynodes, then to edges, and finally to polygons.

Boundary Pick Size (pixels)

The tolerance in pixels for picking components on an object’s silhouette. Clicking further away than this deselects all components.

Normal Display Size

The display size of selected normals.

Display Normals For

Specifies which normals to display while using the Tweak Normals tool. The more normals that are displayed, the longer it takes to update the display.

Selected Components

Selected + Adjacent Components. This can make it easier to see hard edges.

Whole Object


Bleed Edge/Polygon Selection

When polygons or edges are selected, extends the selection to include all polynodes at the affected vertices.


Polynodes that are affected when bleeding is off


Polynodes that are affected when bleeding is on

Average Distance Threshold

The minimum distance for components to be included when setting normals to Average. Setting this parameter to a value above 0.0 allows you to smooth across disconnected edges.



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