Tweak Preferences

Specifies the default values used by the Tweak Component tool.

To display: Choose File > Preferences, expand the Tools node, and click Tweak.

Pick Size (pixels)

The tolerance in pixels for picking components. A component is considered to be “under” the mouse pointer if it is within this distance. When there are multiple types of components within the picking radius, priority is given first to points, then to edges, and finally to polygons.

Boundary Pick Size (pixels)

The tolerance in pixels for picking components on an object’s silhouette. Clicking further away than this deselects all components.

Show Proportional Falloff on Highlight

Shades the points to be affected by a proportional tweak when the component under the mouse is highlighted. You can deactivate this option if it is slowing performance on your computer — you will still see the proportional radius around the mouse pointer.


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