Softimage and Window Management

Softimage runs in its own window, which means that you can minimize, maximize, resize, and move it as you would any other window. You can also switch between it and any other open window (Alt+Tab on Windows). For more information about these tasks, refer to your operating system documentation.

Linux Systems and the Alt Key

On Linux, there are many window managers that can be used and the options they offer are all very different and usually quite customizable. One issue in particular that may cause conflicts is the use of the Alt key.

Alt+click and Other Combinations on Linux

Many Linux window managers use the Alt key in combinations that conflict with the mappings in Softimage. For example, the Gnome and the Sawfish window managers use Alt+left-mouse-button to move windows around; however, this key binding is also used by Softimage for other purposes.

To avoid this conflict, you can do any one of the following:

• Modify your window manager’s preferences to use a different combination.


• Install and use an alternative window manager.


• Run Linux without a window manager for your Softimage session. For example, on the Red Hat log-in screen, choose Session > Failsafe Terminal and log in. An xterm opens where you can source and start Softimage. See Starting Softimage on Linux.

For more details, consult the documentation for your window manager.

Linux Window Manager Keystrokes

By default, Softimage does not obey any window manager keystrokes. For example, Alt+Tab is used to switch tasks in Gnome, but it does not work with Softimage.

You can set an environment variable so that Softimage uses your window manager’s windowing system. In a shell, enter the following lines to start Softimage:

source .xsi_2011 
setenv MWWM allwm 

Now Alt+Tab will switch windows.

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