Incremental Snapping

When translating, rotating, and scaling elements, you can snap incrementally. Instead of snapping to a target, elements jump in discrete increments from their current values. This is useful if you want to move an element by exact multiples of a certain value, but keep it offset from the global grid.


If both incremental and target snapping are active at the same time, incremental snapping takes priority.

To snap incrementally

• Do one of the following:

- Press Shift while rotating or translating an element.

- Press Ctrl while scaling (Shift is used for scaling uniformly).

To set options for incremental snapping

• Choose Transform > Transform Preferences.

- For translation, objects and components jump by whole multiples of the Snap Increments - Translate value in Softimage units.

- For rotation, the angle jumps by increments of the Snap Increments - Rotate value in degrees.

- For scaling, the factor jumps by multiples of the Snap Increments - Scale value.


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