Animating Shapes

Shape animation (sometimes called morphing, blend shapes, or endomorph), is the process of deforming an object over time. To do this, you animate the geometrical shape (deformation) of an object using clusters of points and take “snapshots” (shape keys) of the object in different poses, then you blend these poses to animate them.

Softimage offers a number of different tools you can use to create shape animation so that you can work in any way that you feel comfortable.


Clusters made of polygons or edges are not supported for shape animation.


About Shapes

Shape Sources (Keys) and Clips

Overview of Shape Animation Tools and Methods

Getting Set Up for Shape Animation

Deformations and Shape Reference Modes

Creating Shapes in the Shape Modeling Construction Modes

Selecting Target Shapes to Create Shape Keys

Storing and Applying Shape Keys

Building a Library of Stored Shapes

Applying Shape Keys

Duplicating Shape Keys (Sources)

Replacing and Duplicating Shape Keys (Sources)

Choosing a Shape Instance Mode for Shape Clips

Using the Animation Mixer for Shape Animation

Mixing the Shapes’ Weights

Displaying Phoneme Shape Weight Keys in the Dopesheet

Linking a Shape Deform to Poses or Orientation

Painting Shapes Using Weight Maps

Plotting (Baking) Shape Animation

Sharing Shape Animation between Objects, Models, and Scenes

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