Scene Elements

This guide describes some of the basic types of elements you might find in a scene in Autodesk® Softimage®, and some of the very basic things you can do with them.

Basic Scene Elements
Overview of working with basic scene elements in Softimage.

The many ways to select objects, components, and other elements to modify and manipulate them.

3D Objects
Description of the types of objects in Softimage and how to organize them by grouping, duplicating, cloning, deleting, and so on.

The basics of working with properties which are a set of related parameters that control some aspect of the objects in a scene.

Components and Clusters
Components are elements, like points and edges, that define the shape of 3D objects, while clusters are named groups of components.

Parameter Maps
Certain parameters are mappable — you can vary the parameter’s value across an object’s geometry by connecting a weight map, texture map, vertex color property, or other cluster property.

Vertex Colors
How to use a Color at Vertices (CAV) property to paint and store color directly in an object’s vertices.

The basics of creating, selecting, and navigating the hierarchical relationships between objects.

Scene Layers
Layers are containers — similar to groups or render passes — that help you organize, view, display, and edit the contents of your scene.


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