Shader Parser Wizard

The Shader Parser Wizard generates the plug-in code for registering shader language parsers. Shader parsers are special plug-ins designed to batch-create custom shader definitions in Softimage. For more details see Creating Shader Language Parser Definitions [SDK Guide].

Displaying the Shader Parser Wizard

1. Choose File > Plug-in Manager.

2. Click New.

3. Choose Shaders > Shader Definition to open the wizard.



Name of the plug-in file to generate. The plug-in will contain the necessary code for creating the shader parser. The name is also used for setting the plug-in object.


Name of the author creating the shader parser plug-in.


The language used for creating the shader parser plug-in. The following languages are supported: Python, C++, JScript, VBScript.

Output Directory

The directory name where all files are generated. Defaults to the current user directory.



Name of the shader parser to generate.


Specify the folder where Softimage will get the files for parsing.

File Extension

The extension of the files to parse.

Generate Code

Click Generate Code to create the shader parser plug-in files. The following callbacks are generated:

<parser name>_QueryParserSettings

<parser name>_ParseInfo

<parser name>_Parse

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