Properties Reference

This section describes the parameters in all the various property editors of Autodesk® Softimage®.

You can obtain detailed descriptions of the parameters in most property editors by clicking ? in the property editor itself.

If you clicked ? and ended up here, it means that it’s help topic is not linked. This situation may be caused by any one of several reasons:

• The property is a custom parameter set. We cannot provide help for user-defined custom parameters.

• The property is part of an unsupported “gift” function or feature. It is possible that particular gifts be will supported in future releases.

• Some dialog boxes and property editors cannot be linked directly to Help topics. You can click the button below to try to find the appropriate topic from a list of such dialog boxes and editors.

The properties are divided into the following categories:

Viewing Properties

Interface Properties

Scene Element Properties

Transformation Properties

Data Management Properties

Crosswalk Import/Export Options

Model Properties

Topology Generator Properties

Topology Modifier Properties

Deformation Properties

Animation Properties

Expression Function Reference

Constraint Properties

Character Animation Properties

Face Robot Properties

Nonlinear Animation Properties

Forces and Obstacle Properties

Particle Properties

Hair Properties

Dynamics Properties

Material Properties

Texture and Map Properties

Light Properties

Camera Properties

Rendering Properties

Compositing Properties

Customization Properties


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