Writable Image Source Property Editor

This property editor is appended to the Image Clip Property Editor, instead of the Image Source Property Editor, when you edit the image used by a shader that writes a texture image rather than reading one - the Color Sampler, Sub-Surface Lightmap Write, mib_lightmap_write, and misss_lightmap_write for example.

To display: Choose Modify > Texture > Your texture, then expand the Sources and Images icons and click on your texture’s icon.


Determines whether images are saved to disk. If this is off, the results are held in memory only.

File Name

Displays the explicit path and file name of the image to be written. If Usr is on, the path is displayed as you entered it. If Res is on, the resolved path is displayed. You can type a different path or use the Browse (...) button to change locations. Valid names are displayed in white, invalid names are red, and read-only files are gray.

Image format drop-down

Sets the file format of the output image. This also determines the file-name’s extension.

Output color channels drop-down

Specifies which color channels are output (RGB, RGBA, etc.).

Bit depth drop-down

Specifies the output image’s bit depth.

The options in this list vary depending on the specified Image Format. Some formats support only 8-bit, other support 8-bit and 16-bit, and still others support 8-bit, 16-bit and Float. One notable exception is the OpenEXR format, which supports “half” (16-bit float), and float.


Width, Height

Sets the output image’s X and Y resolution.


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