Symmetry Preferences

Controls options used when Sym is on in the Transform panel. See Manipulating Components Symmetrically.

To display: Right-click on Sym and choose Symmetry Properties.


This option is used when drawing curves, drawing kinematic chains, and painting weight maps, as well as when manipulating components symmetrically in “live” mode, that is, without a symmetry map.

Symmetry Plane

The plane used for symmetrical manipulation: YZ (X = 0), XZ (Y = 0), XY (Z = 0).

Edit Options

These options are used when performing symmetrical manipulation in “live” mode.


The maximum allowable difference in position for finding a corresponding point on the other side of the object, in Softimage units. This value does not take the object’s scaling into account.


The frame of reference to use for the orientation of the plane of symmetry:

Local uses the object’s axes.

Global uses the scene’s axes.

This option has a noticeable effect only when the object is rotated with respect to the scene.


The point through which the plane of symmetry passes:

Origin uses the object’s center (if Local is on) or the scene’s center (if Global is on).

Object Pivot uses the pivot defined for the object’s transformations. By default, this is the same as the object center but you can modify it — see Working with Object Pivots.

Bounding Box uses the center of the object’s bounding box.

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