Manipulating Components

You can model an object by manipulating its points, edges, and polygons. Softimage provides a variety of tools to accomplish this. Each tool supports different features and workflows, so different ones may be appropriate for different tasks or personal preferences.


About Component Manipulation covers some basic information that is common to all or many of the manipulation tools.

Transforming Components and Clusters. You can select components and use the Translate, Rotate, and Scale tools to transform them.

Using the Tweak Component Tool. The Tweak Component tool allows you to translate, rotate, or scale the point, polygon, or edge under the mouse pointer, as well as select and move one or more components at once. It also has options to slide components along the surface, as well as to weld points on polygon meshes.

Using the Move Point Tool. The Move Point tool allows you to translate the point under the mouse pointer. It also has an option to weld points on polygon meshes.

Transforming Points by Brushstrokes. The View Plane Proportional Transform tool allows you to translate, rotate, or scale points using a brush with a proportional falloff.

Transforming Components about the Mouse Pointer. The View Plane Pivot Transform tool lets you translate, rotate, or scale selected points, polygons, and edges using the mouse pointer as the pivot.

Nudging Components. You can nudge selected points, polygons, and edges.

Using Proportional Modeling. Proportional modeling allows you to affect nearby components with a falloff based on distance, and works in conjunction with the manipulation tools.

Manipulating Components Symmetrically. Symmetry mode allows you to affect both sides of an object simultaneously, and works in conjunction with the manipulation tools.

Push Paint. You can use a weight map to paint a push deformation on an object.

Manipulating Points by Volume. You can attach a volume deformer to an object, and transform it to affect the points contained with a proportional falloff.

Cluster Centers. You can constrain a cluster of components to a null or other object, and then animate the null.

Related Information

For manipulating components on curves, the Tweak Curve tool is described in Manipulating Curve Components [Surface and Curve Modeling].

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