Generating Objects from Curves

You can create surfaces and polygon meshes from curves in several ways.


About Building from Curves

Using Birail
Extrude an open curve along two guides.

Using Curve Net
Pick a series of curves in U and V.

Extruding Curves along Axes

Extruding Curves along Curves

Extruding with Two Profiles
Extrude with two profiles, morphing one into the other as it runs along a rail curve.

Picking Boundaries Using Four-Sided
Pick four curves to use as boundaries.

Lofting Curves
Make a shell from a series of profile curves.

Revolving Curves around Axes

Revolving Curves Around Curves

Related Information

For information about creating curves to work from, see Curves [Surface and Curve Modeling].

For information about how you can modify the generated polygon meshes and surfaces further, see Deformations, as well as Modeling Polygons & Polygon Meshes [Polygon Modeling] and Surfaces [Surface and Curve Modeling],

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