Deformations are operators that change the shape of geometric objects.


About Deformations

Simple Deformations (Bend, Twist, and so on)


Curve and Surface Deformations


Cage Deformations

Spine Deformations

Smoothing and Relaxing




Muting Deformations

Related Topics

Other types of deformation are described elsewhere:

• Direct manipulation of points and other components are actually implemented as deformations in Softimage and are described in Manipulating Components.

• Envelope deformations let you deform a character based on the movement of its skeleton. They are covered in Envelopes [Character Animation].

• Soft body dynamics let you simulate the behavior of non-rigid objects as they are subjected to forces and collisions. It is described in Soft Bodies [Simulation].

• Cloth lets you simulate how fabric moves and drapes. It is described in Cloth [Simulation].

• Freezing transformation and moving object centers are also deformations. These operations are described in Transformations [Working in 3D Space].

• Scripted operators let you create your own deformations by getting and setting the positions of an object’s points. They are described in Scripted Operators [Customization].

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