Building 3D Objects

This chapter describes some of the basic concepts and procedures that underpin modeling in Softimage.


The Process of Modeling
Gives an overview of the modeling process and some common procedures.

Operator Stack
The operator stack is fundamental. It is the history of all operations you have applied to an object, and is divided into construction regions. You can go back and change parameters in an operator, change the order of operators, or freeze all or part of the stack.

Modeling Relations
Modeling relations exist between objects in your scene. If you create a surface from a series of curves, you can modify a curve and the changes are automatically reflected in the surface.

Immediate Mode
Immediate mode lets you model without creating a history or modeling relations. It is equivalent to freezing an object’s operator stack after every operation.

Attribute Transfer (GATOR)
You can transfer attributes like materials, envelopes, and other cluster properties between objects.

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