Roll Particle

This compound rotates (rolls) particles at a rate that is relative to their size. This compound automatically uses the particle's Size attribute to define the rolling speed.

Plug this compound's Execute output into a Port on the ICETree node.

For more information, see Rolling Particles [ICE Particle Simulations].

Tasks: Particles/Orientation

Output Ports: Execute

Up Vector

Defines the alignment of the surface on which the particle is rolling. You can define this with the XYZ values here, or you can plug in the surface normal value of the object upon which the particles are rolling.

For example, if the axis is (X=1, Y=0, Z=0), this means that the particle is rotated to point in the X direction, which means that it rolls around its own Z axis.

Surface Velocity

Defines the direction and speed that determines the particle rolling. Specify the surface's velocity vector with these XYZ values. If there is no object plugged in here, enter the XYZ values you want to use.

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