ID to Location


• Conversion

• Geometry Queries


Outputs a location on a geometry based on the ID attribute at each geometry point. An ID attribute must be defined on the points of the geometry and must be unique for this node to work.

This node is useful for accessing attributes on points based on the ID of the point. For this purpose you can connect the locations to a Get Data node and specify the attribute name. However, you should rarely need to use this node since ICE does the iteration on the geometry components. For example, a tree that uses a Set Data node on “Self.PointPosition” will iterate on all points implicitly for you.

There are cases, however, where this node can be useful. For example, if you generate a point cloud ordered as a 3D grid. You could use arithmetic on the ID to get the attributes of the points at the previous and next row, which is required if you want to implement a grid-based fluid simulator, for example.




Geometry on which to generate a new point location.


Input ID to convert to locations.



Resulting locations.

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