ICETree Property Editor

The ICETree node is the root of an ICE graph.

• In an explorer, it shows the position of an ICE operator graph in the construction stack.

• In the ICE tree view, it provides Execute ports for connecting nodes to the graph. Nodes that do not ultimately connect to the ICETree node are never evaluated. Right-click over a port to insert, remove, and manage ports, or right-click over any other area of the node for other options. Click on an ICETree node in the embedded explorer at right to select a specific ICE tree to display in the view.

For more information, see Working with ICE and Building ICE Trees [ICE Fundamentals].

To display the property editor:

• In the ICE tree view, double-click the ICETree node.

• In an explorer, click the ICETree node icon.


The name of the ICE tree. Enter a new name if desired.


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