Align Particle to Camera

This compound aligns particles to have their Y axis point to the global position of a camera, allowing you to do “billboard” effects.

Plug this compound's Execute output into a port on the ICETree node.

For more information, see Aligning Particles to a Camera or a Position (Billboarding) [ICE Particle Simulations].

See also the Billboard Orientation compound for true billboard effects.

Tasks: Particles/Orientation

Output Ports: Execute

Camera Name

The name of the camera root to which the particles are aligned.

Do any of the following to define the camera root of the camera to use:

• Create a Get Data node for the Camera Root object, then plug this node’s Out Name output into this port.

• Click the Pick button and pick a camera root in the scene.

• Click the Explorer button and select a camera root name from the list.

• Enter a camera root’s name in the text box.

Select Alignment Method

The method by which the particle’s Y axis is aligned to point at the camera root:

Full Alignment: The particle’s alignment to the camera is set at its birth and remains the same over its lifetime; that is, the particle’s Y axis points at the camera root when it is born, but does not change its orientation over its lifetime.

Incremental Alignment: The particle’s alignment to the camera changes over its lifetime so that its Y axis is always pointing toward the camera, no matter where the camera root is.

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