Axis and Angle to Quaternion

Axis and Angle to Rotation

Boolean to Integer

Color to Brightness

Color to Grayscale

Color to HLSA

Color To HSVA

Color to RGBA

Direction to Rotation

Euler to Quaternion

Euler to Rotation

HLSA To Color

HSVA to Color

Integer to Boolean

Integer to Scalar

Matrix to SRT

Quaternion to Axis and Angle

Quaternion to Euler

Quaternion to Rotation

Quaternion to Scalar

RGBA to Color

Rotation to Axis and Angle

Rotation to Euler

Rotation to Quaternion

Rotation to Scalar

Scalar to Quaternion

Scalar to Rotation

Scalar to 2D Vector

Scalar to 3D Vector

Scalar to 4D Vector

SRT to Matrix

UV to Location

ID to Location

Point Index to Location

2D Vector to Scalar

3D Vector to Scalar

3D Vector to 4D Vector

4D Vector to Scalar

4D Vector to 3D Vector

3D Vector to 3x3 Matrix

3D Vector to 4x4 Matrix

4D Vector to 4x4 Matrix

3x3 Matrix to Vector

4x4 Matrix to 3D Vector

4x4 Matrix to 4D Vector

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