Data Management

Working in Autodesk® Softimage® involves saving and retrieving files between systems. A typical project in Softimage contains many files that need to be easily accessible to you or members of your workgroup. This guide provides important information about Softimage’s data management features and capabilities.

Data Management in Softimage
Introduction to the concepts of data management in Autodesk Softimage.

Working with the Softimage scene file.

Building your scene files within the project folder structure.

Managing External Files
Changing path references, copying external files to a project, and clearing unused files.

Managing Image Sources & Clips
Information about managing the image clips and sources used for textures and other purposes in a scene.

Caching Animated Deformations and Simulations
Creating cache files for any type of animated deformations or simulations.

Using Softimage models to organize objects in your scenes and projects.

Locking and Tagging Scene Elements
Creating locks and tags for controlling the modification of scene elements.

Importing and Exporting
An overview of all the formats available for importing or exporting scene data.

Using Crosswalk for Softimage
How to export to the dotXSI, COLLADA, and FBX standards.

Using Crosswalk for Maya
How to transfer assets back and forth from Softimage to Autodesk® Maya®.

Using Crosswalk for Max
How to transfer assets back and forth from Softimage to Autodesk® 3ds Max®.

User Preferences
How to set and manage user preferences.


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