Autodesk® Softimage® has an open and flexible architecture that allows you to customize and extend its built-in features. This user guide describes some of the customizations you can perform using the Softimage interface. For information about more ways to customize Softimage, see the SDK Guide.

Customization in Softimage
Basic concepts and tools for customizing in Softimage.

Non–self-installing Script-based Custom Commands
Create custom scripted commands that you can invoke from a button or keystroke, and include in other scripts.

Toolbars and Shelves
Create toolbars and shelves to hold command buttons and presets.

Layouts and Relational Views
Create new views and layouts for the interface.

Key Maps
Modify the keyboard mapping of commands and tools.

Custom and Proxy Parameters
Create custom parameters and property editors, and use them to control various elements in scenes.

User Data on Components
Attach custom data to the components of geometric objects.

Scripted Operators
Create scripted operators to control parameters, properties, or geometry.

Synoptic Views
Create visual toolbars to control elements in specific scenes.

Intranets for Netview
Develop an intranet that works in conjunction with Softimage and Netview.

In addition to the customizations that you can perform through the Softimage interface, there are many more customizations you can perform using the Softimage SDK. For example, some of the things you can do using the SDK include:

• Create and run scripts.

• Create compiled commands and operators.

• Create events that run automatically when specific conditions are met.

• Create mental ray or realtime shaders.

• Create filters to select or display elements that match special criteria.

• Create device drivers that allow you to control Softimage using different input devices.

• Add items to menus.

• Use custom display hosts to display the output of another application within Softimage.

• Define custom queries for use in the spreadsheet view.

For information about these and other things you can perform using the SDK, see the SDK Guide.

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