Softimage MOTOR (Motion Transformation) for Characters

Retargeting animation with the MOTOR tools allows you to transfer any type of animation between characters, regardless of their size or proportions.

Motion capture data is shared from one rig to another by means of retargeting with MOTOR. The rig structures are different sizes and have different elements, yet the same motion is applied to them both.


Overview of Retargeting Animation with MOTOR

Tagging a Rig’s Elements

Creating and Editing Structure Files

Retargeting Animation from Rig to Rig

Retargeting Mocap Data from C3D or BVH Files to a Rig

Adjusting the Retargeted Animation on a Rig

Saving Animation Data in Normalized Motion (.motor) Files

Applying Normalized Motion (.motor) Files to a Rig

Plotting Retargeted Animation on the Rig

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