Character Animation

This section covers features about the many techniques and tools used for character animation in Autodesk® Softimage®. Each section focuses on a specific aspect of character animation:

What Is Character Animation All About?
Introduction to the process, concepts, and useful tools for character animation in Softimage.

Building Skeletons
Creating skeletons (chains).

Applying envelopes (skin) to a skeleton and weighting them.

Character Rigging
Setting up control rigs.

Animating Characters
Animating characters, notably forward kinematics (FK) and inverse kinematics (IK).

Motion Capture for Characters
Using mocap data in Softimage, including importing, plotting, and cleaning up mocap animation.

Softimage® MOTOR (Motion Transformation) for Characters
Using the Softimage Motor tools for retargeting any type of animation between characters, regardless of their size or proportions.



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