This section covers features about general and low-level animation in Autodesk® Softimage®:

Animating in Softimage
An overview of all the ways in which you can animate in Softimage, including some common tools used for animation.

Tasks for Any Type of Animation
Covers many animation tasks that are general to any type of animation, such as plotting, copying, or removing animation.

Animating with Keys
Explains the many ways in which you can set keys, the most fundamental way of animating in Softimage.

Editing Keys in the Timeline
Describes how to view and edit keys for animated objects in the timeline.

Animating Transformations
Covers the various issues surrounding animating transformations (scaling, rotation, and translation), from global and local transformations to keying transformation parameters, and much more in between.

Editing Function Curves
All about editing keyframed animation in the fcurve editor (sometimes known as the animation editor).

Editing Animation in the Dopesheet
All about editing keyframed animation in the dopesheet.

Animation Layers
Describes how to animate with keyframes in layers on top of your original animation.

Animating along Paths and Trajectories
Describes the various ways in which you can animate objects on paths and trajectories.

Animating with Constraints
Covers the many different types of constraints available in Softimage, such as direction, orientation, symmetry, and pose.

Linking Parameters
Explains how to link parameters together in an animation relationship.

Animating with Expressions
Describes how to create mathematical expressions to solve many animation problems.

Device Drivers
Describes how to set up device drivers for use with Softimage in order to animate objects with the information captured from the attached device.



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