ICE Deformations

New ICE-based Deformations

There are several commands and compounds for applying new ICE-based deformations:


Deform by Curve



ICE Toolbar Commands

The new ICE toolbar contains several commands that automate the process of creating an ICE tree and connecting a deformer compound. It includes commands for applying previously-released compounds, like Turbulize Mesh and Transform Mesh, as well as the new ICE-based deformations. See Applying Predefined ICE Deformations [ICE Deformations].

Deformer Template

The Deformer Template compound is a quick and convenient starting point for creating your own ICE-based deformations. See Creating Custom ICE Deformations [ICE Deformations].

Dual Quaternion Skinning

To better reflect that you can interpolate between linear blend and dual quaternion skinning, a new Use Blend Input option has been added to the Dual Quaternion Deformation compound’s Deformation Method parameter. With this option, you can use the new Blend Input port to drive the interpolation between the skinning methods. However, you can still interpolate between the skinning methods by driving Deformation Method directly with a scalar value between 0.0 and 1.0. See Dual Quaternion Skinning [ICE Deformations].

Get Cluster Attributes

The Get Cluster Properties compound is a convenience for getting various cluster properties on the self object. The default names of properties are used as the default references, but you can change them if required. See Get Cluster Attributes [ICE Reference].


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