Writing Object Filters

An object filter is a generic filter that you can use with type of object, not just 3D objects. Object filters are not available in the main command area, because object filters are typically used to filter non-3D objects that cannot be selected in a 3D view.

Use object filters when you want a filter you can use in scripting or C++ code, but you don't want to make the filter available from the main command area. For example, you can use a specialized filter in your own script like this:

var cloList;

// Get objects and put them in cloList

// Get your object filter
var oFilter = Application.Filters.Item( "MyObjectFilter" );

// Filter the list
var cloFilteredList = oFilter.Subset( cloList );

Object filters are available in explorer views, but only in the following scopes: Sources/Clips, Animation, Audio, Images, and Materials. In these scopes, Softimage applies the object filters only to some objects, such as image clips (ImageClip objects).

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