View Definitions

View definitions are stored in the Application\views folder under Softimage's factory location. All of these view names may be used as an input argument to the OpenView command in order to create a UI instance of the specified view via scripting.



Animation Editor

Opens the Animation Editor (multiple instances supported). See also OpenAnimationEditor.

Animation Layer Manager

Opens the Animation Layer Manager (single instance only).

Animation Mixer

Opens the Animation Mixer (multiple instances supported).

Animation Panel

Opens the Animation Panel (multiple instances supported).

Attribute Transfer

Opens the Attribute Transfer (multiple instances supported).

Audio Output Monitor

Opens the Audio Output Monitor (single instance only).


Opens the Browser (multiple instances supported).

Command Line

Opens the Command Line (single instance only).

Compound Version Manager

Opens the Compound Version Manager (multiple instances supported).

Constraint Panel

Opens the Constraint Panel (single instance only).

Custom Display Host

Opens a Custom Display Host (multiple instances only).


Opens the DopeSheet (multiple instances supported).

Edit Panel

Opens the Edit Panel (single instance only).


Opens the Explorer (multiple instances supported). See also OpenTransientExplorer and OpenXSIExplorer.

Expression Editor

Opens the Expression Editor (single instance only).

FCurve Editor

Opens the FCurve Editor (multiple instances supported).

Fx Color Selector

Opens the Fx Color Selector (single instance only).

Fx Operator Selector

Opens the Fx Operator Selector (multiple instances supported).

Fx Paint Brush List

Opens the Fx Paint Brush List (single instance only).

Fx Tree

Opens the Fx Tree (multiple instances supported).

Fx Viewer

Opens the Fx Viewer (multiple instances supported).

Hair Panel

Opens the Hair Panel (single instance only).

ICE Tree

Opens the ICE Tree view (multiple instances supported).

Image Clip Viewer

Opens the Image Clip Viewer (multiple instances supported).

Keying Panel

Opens the Keying Panel (multiple instances supported).

Keyable Parameters Editor

Opens the Keyable Parameters Editor (single instance only).

Material Manager

Opens the Material Manager (multiple instances supported).

Material Panel

Opens the Material Panel (multiple instances supported).


Opens the MenuTearOff (multiple instances supported).

Mini Transform Panel

Opens the Mini Transform Panel (multiple instances supported).


Opens Net View (multiple instances supported). See also OpenNetView.

Object View

Opens the Object View (multiple instances supported).

Parameter Connection Editor

Displays the Parameter Connection Editor (single instance only).

Playback Panel

Opens the Playback Panel (single instance only).

Plugin Manager

Opens the Plugin Manager (single instance only).

Preset Manager

Opens the Preset Manager (multiple instances supported).

Property Editor

Displays the Property Editor for the selection (multiple instances supported).

Property Panel

Displays the Property Panel (single instance only).

Quick Scene Search

Opens the Quick Scene Search (single instance only).

Relational View

Opens the Relational View (multiple instances supported).

Relational View Editor

Opens the Relational View Editor (multiple instances supported).

Render Preview

Opens the Render Preview (multiple instances supported).

Render Tree

Displays the Render Tree (multiple instances supported).

Render View

Opens the Render View (multiple instances supported).

Render Viewer

Opens the Render Viewer (single instance only).

Scene Debugger

Opens the Scene Debugger (single instance only).

Scene Layer Manager

Opens the Scene Layer Manager (multiple instances supported).

Scene Search

Opens the Scene Search (multiple instances supported).


Displays the Schematic view (multiple instances supported).

Script Editor

Opens the Script Editor window (single instance only).

Script History

Opens the Script History (multiple instances supported).

Scripted Operator Editor

Opens the Scripted Operator Editor window (single instance only).

Selection Panel

Opens the Selection Panel (single instance only).

Shaderball Viewer

Opens the Shaderball Viewer (multiple instances supported).

Shape Manager

Displays the Shape Manager (multiple instances supported).


Opens the Shelf (multiple instances supported).

Snap Panel

Opens the Snap Panel (single instance only).


Opens the SpreadSheet (multiple instances supported).

Standalone DopeSheet

Opens the Standalone DopeSheet (multiple instances supported).

Synoptic Editor

Opens the Synoptic Editor (multiple instances supported).

Synoptic View

Opens the Synoptic View (multiple instances supported).

Text Editor

Opens a Text Editor (single instance only).

Texture Editor

Opens the Texture Editor (multiple instances supported).

Texture Layer Editor

Opens the Texture Layer Editor (multiple instances supported).


Opens the Timeline (multiple instances supported).

Timeline 3D

Opens the Timeline 3D (multiple instances supported).


Opens the Timerange (multiple instances supported).

Toolbar Panel

Opens the Toolbar Panel with toolbar menus, such as Model, Animate, etc. (single instance only).

Note: If you need to change the menu once this toolbar is visible, use the SwitchToolbar command.

Transformation Panel

Opens the Transformation Panel (single instance only).

View Manager

Opens the View Manager controlling the 4 viewports (single instance only).


Opens the Viewer (single instance only).

Weight Editor

Opens the Weight Editor (multiple instances supported).

Weight Paint Panel

Displays the Weight Paint Panel (single instance only).

XSI Explorer

Opens the XSI Explorer displaying a two-paned view (multiple instances supported).

Note: If you want to open the XSI Explorer with specific objects appearing in the Viewer pane, use the OpenXSIExplorer command instead.



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