View Attributes

Some view types have attributes that you can set and/or get. For example, you can control the target content of an Object view, set the default URL for a Net View, or specify a file to open in a text editor. Here is a list of pages that contain attribute information on the most common types of viewers:

Animation Editor

Animation Mixer


Custom Display Host



FCurve Editor


ICE Tree

Image Clip Viewer

Keyable Parameters Editor


Object View

Parameter Connection Editor

Plug-in Manager

Preset Manager

Property Panel

Render Tree

Scene Search

Script Editor

Script History

Shader Code Editor

Shaderball Viewer

Shape Manager/Editor

Synoptic View

Text Based Editors (Scintilla)

Text Editor

Texture Editor


Toolbar Panel/Shelf

View Manager

XSI Explorer


All attribute values are represented as strings, no matter what value they may seem like. For example, boolean true and false must be specified as the strings "true" and "false" and any numeric values, such as the index number of the tab to activate, must be specified as "2", "7", "13", "20", etc.


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