Name (SIObject) *


Sets or returns the name of the object as a String. The name accessed through this property is the object's name without context. For example, Name and SIObject.FullName return the same thing for X3DObject objects (for example, "cube"), but on a Primitive object, Name returns the type of geometry ("Polygon Mesh"), whereas FullName returns the object name string expression including the parent object ("cube.polymsh").

For ActionDeltaItems, this property returns the Relative Name because Deltas store the relative name instead of the SIObject.FullName of a parameter so actions can be easily copied from one Model to another.

The difference between the various name properties is especially important to remember when you are working with commands, because the Name of the command is not what you use when writing scripts, or what gets logged to the History pane. That information is contained in the Command.ScriptingName property.

Note: Not all objects can be renamed. If you try to set the name on some objects (such as parameters on built-in Softimage parameter/property sets), it doesn't work, but it doesn't raise an error either.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
String rtn = SIObject.Name;

// set accessor
SIObject.Name = String;

See Also





• See SIObject.Name.1.vbs

• See SIObject.Name.2.vbs

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