XSI::CSIObjectRefArray Class Reference

An array of SIObjects. More...

#include <xsi_siobject.h>

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Public Methods

 CSIObjectRefArray ()
 CSIObjectRefArray (const CSIObjectRefArray &)
 ~CSIObjectRefArray ()
CSIObjectRefArray & operator= (const CSIObjectRefArray &in_refArray)
CRef GetItem (const CString &in_name) const
void Add (const CRef &in_item)
void RemoveItem (const CString &in_name)

Detailed Description

An array of SIObjects.

See also:
SIObject , Application::FindObjects , Model::FindObjects
9.5 (2011)
        using namespace XSI;
        Application app;
        CSIObjectRefArray lights = app.FindObjects( XSI::siLightID );

        for ( LONG i=0; i< lights.GetCount(); i++ )
            app.LogMessage( "Light: " +
                lights[i].GetFullName() + L":" +
                lights[i].GetFullName() );

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Default constructor.

CSIObjectRefArray const CSIObjectRefArray &   

Copy constructor. Performs a shallow copy, so any change to one instance will appear in any of the copies.


Default destructor.

Member Function Documentation

CSIObjectRefArray& operator= const CSIObjectRefArray &    in_refArray

Assign a CSIObjectRefArray object to this one.

in_refArray  A constant CSIObjectRefArray object.
A new reference object.

CRef GetItem const CString   in_name const [virtual]

Returns a CRef object matching a given name. The method returns an invalid CRef if the name doesn't match. The array doesn't handle objects with identical names, accessing multiple objects by name will always return the first one.

in_name  The name of an object to retrieve.
A new CRef object.
See also:
SIObject::GetName , CRef::IsValid

Reimplemented from XSI::CRefArray.

void Add const CRef   in_item [virtual]

Adds a CRef object at the end of this array. The CRef must be Valid and refer to a SIObject, otherwise it is ignored.

in_item  CRef object.

Reimplemented from XSI::CRefArray.

void RemoveItem const CString   in_name

Removes an object from the CSIObjectRefArray. The array doesn't handle objects with identical names, removing multiple objects by name will always remove the first one.

in_name  Name of the object to remove.

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