Legacy Particles Toolbar

Although the legacy (non-ICE) particles are a deprecated feature, the particles are still available for backward compatibility when you load in particle scenes from previous versions of Softimage. If you want to continue to work with the legacy particles in your scenes, you can install the legacy particles toolbar and get access to all the particle commands.

  • Download and extract the contents of LegacyParticles.zip
  • Put the LegacyParticles.xsitb toolbar file in any user, factory or workgroup location. For example:
  • To access the toolbar inside Softimage, choose: View > Toolbars > Legacy Particles

Download the Legacy Particles Guide (http://softimage.wiki.softimage.com/history/legacy_particles_guide.pdf) for complete documentation on non-ICE particles. Deprecated particle features include the ParticlesOp operator, the FluidOp operator, and the ExplosionOp operator and their related shaders: Particle Renderer, Particle Billboard, Particle Sphere, Particle Blob, Particle Sprite, Particle Shape, Particle Color, Particle Gradient, Particle Vector, Particle Scalar, and Particle Explosion.

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