Autodesk Softimage 2010 SP1 (JP)

こちらのAutodesk® Softimage® 2010 ソフトウェア用のサービスパックには約70もの修正が含まれています。

Autodesk Softimage 2010 SP1に含まれる修正の内容

Face Robot
Face Robot用に多くの修正が行われました。

Crosswalk 4.1
Softimage 2010 SP1 にはCrosswalk v.4.1が含まれています。 このバージョンにはいくつかの重要な修正が含まれています。

Particle Volume シェーダ
Particle Volumeシェーダに対する数多くの修正が行われました。このシェーダを使うParticle Renderer シェーダコンパウンドにも影響しています。

Softimage 2010 SP1 には、2010用の日本語のドキュメントが含まれています。

Softimage 2010 SP1 は今までのSoftimage製品と同様に、フルインストールになっています。Softimage 2010 がすでにインストールされているマシンにインストールできます。Softimage 2010をアンインストールする必要はありません。

Softimage 2010 SP1 では、Softimage 2010と同じライセンスを利用します。Softimage 2010 SP1のインストール:

  1. ネットワークライセンスをお使いの場合は、プロダクトキーとシリアル番号とライセンスサーバを指定します。
  2. スタンドアロンライセンスをお使いの場合は、プロダクトキーとシリアル番号を指定し、スタンドアロンライセンス形式でインストールします。




  • UDEV00254548 Unable to select matrix attributes in rendertree.
  • UDEV00254916 Associated lights not working with Reference Models
  • UDEV00254772 Unable to edit Camera texture Projection
  • UDEV00254598 Cleanup needed for the Particle Types value of the scope attribute of the Explorer
  • UDEV00254256 Crash when changing the filename of a CgFX shader node
  • UDEV00254395 Crash while removing a specific referenced model with ICE particles
  • UDEV00254472 Deleting a geometry that was referenced by a frozen ICE tree causes pointcloud corruption and data loss
  • UDEV00254659 Volume marching algorithm samples farther than it should
  • UDEV00254660 Volume shader: Changing density of slices affects RGB
  • UDEV00254662 Volume shader: depth framebuffer broken
  • UDEV00254661 Volume shader: enabling preview mode also enables scatter

Data Management

  • UDEV00254396 Error deleting in branch a model that contains a refmodel with a material that uses a texture twice as input
  • UDEV00254762 Refmodels - Delta failed to applied on deep nesting
  • UDEV00254677 RefModels - ShapeInstancingNode doesn't connect to reference when the reference is in a refmodel
  • UDEV00254394 RefModels - simulated ICE particles from v7 doesn't work when using Refmodels as Source geometry
  • UDEV00254188 Importing a model with envelope operator crashes
  • UDEV00254496 Offloading then onloading a ref model loses animation mixer work
  • UDEV00254552 Motionbuilder FBX Does not Properly Exclusive Merge
  • UDEV00254774 Permanent delete leaves undo stack size at zero if the command fails


  • UDEV00252780 Linux: Press F1 in the script editor freeze Softimage
  • UDEV00254694 Linux: Switching Scene Debugger to Memory Crashes
  • UDEV00254259 Linux: Keymap problem with script editor
  • UDEV00254701 Linux: Softimage crashes when changing the self.collisionscale X,Y and Z values to 1
  • UDEV00254588 Compositor plug-in: UfoDeleteUserData not called on exit on Linux


  • UDEV00254651 Freeze painting vertex on subdivided mesh


  • UDEV00254752 Hard crash on switching Cluster Material texture in Texture Decal mode


  • UDEV00254791 Sometimes animation clip Keys are not visible on the Animation Editor
  • UDEV00254402 Animation: Cannot Freeze Cycle
  • UDEV00254824 Strange Approx op result when weights are not normalized


  • UDEV00254780 ScriptingSessionActive wrongly enabled when invoking commands from keymaps.
  • UDEV00254520 SDK Commands: ApplyTopoOp not returning the op as documented


  • UDEV00254197 Using the CICEAttributeDataArray to access an ICEAttribute DataArray causes a segmentaion fault on Linux
  • UDEV00254580 SDK ICE: Multiple ICE custom nodes in a tree share the same full name.
  • UDEV00254450 SDK ICE: Problem disconnecting ports in single-threading mode
  • UDEV00254703 Clearing string on get data node invalidates the graph when using an IsValid node.
  • UDEV00254594 RBD not properly handling particles scales and sizes
  • UDEV00254955 Drifting objects when using IsPassiveRigidBody flag and instanced shapes
  • UDEV00254779 Softimage crashes when loading the same ICE-RBD scene a few times

Face Robot

  • UDEV00254519 Face Robot does not work on Linux
  • UDEV00254735 Clear the "Face Robot" flag from scenes when saved outside of Face Robot
  • UDEV00254308 Animation Export : Can't create Range-Of-Motion when all deformers are selected.
  • UDEV00254958 CGFX textures are not visible on Natasha's head. Display is blocked by a Material cluster.
  • UDEV00254629 A tongue sampler is always created when we create samplers for a selected number of controllers
  • UDEV00254338 Animation Export rig does not persist correctly across sessions if samplers density is higher than 1
  • UDEV00254208 Animation Export, Eye Controls not working with Retargeted Motion
  • UDEV00254347 Build an AnimationRig (use mocap + enable head rotation and position) and big Eyeballs will appear
  • UDEV00254224 Import an Animation Rig in Softimage or Maya and the Upper lip won't be right
  • UDEV00254499 Keywords should not be made visible in the viewport
  • UDEV00254290 Mouth Problems before Import of Animation Rig
  • UDEV00254311 Poses destroy the character’s face if rotation is applied to the head control
  • UDEV00254087 Weighting issue in faceRobot Importer making shapes unusually large
  • UDEV00254289 Lip controllers and teeth position are wrong if you export then import an Animation Shape Rig.
  • UDEV00254305 Animate a face using mocap then Export and Re-import the Animation Rig -> Lip are not right on the Rig.
  • UDEV00254502 Game Export - Error pop (Unable to Connect RegionMasks) when clicking on "Add Textures"


  • UDEV00254584 "Copy Style" crash
  • UDEV00254582 Freezing the Hair after a "Pop Zero Hair" crash
  • UDEV00254722 Render Region of a model with hair cut to zero makes XSI crash.
  • UDEV00254558 Fur based on cluster is unstable.
  • UDEV00254562 XSI crashes when switching hair visibility from "guide hair" to "render hair".
  • UDEV00254585 After transferring UVs to Fur, a Render Region makes Softimage 2010 crash.
  • UDEV00254560 The clump fur command doesn't work.


  • UDEV00244653 Tangents and binormals are imported as short (2 bytes) instead of float (4 bytes)
  • UDEV00254552 Motionbuilder FBX Does not Properly Exclusive Merge into SI2010 SP1
  • UDEV00254542 DotXSI: Wrong rotation order when exporting
  • UDEV00254338 Face Robot - Animation Export rig does not persist correctly across sessions if samplers density is higher than 1
  • UDEV00254443 Face Robot - Port ShapeWeight, FR_ICE_Import and faceRobot Importer plug-ins to Linux 64bits
  • UDEV00254087 Face Robot - Weighting issue in faceRobotImporter making shapes unusually large

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