Softbody and Envelope wiggle (FAQ)

Question: " Can I apply soft body to an envelope?"

Answer: Yes!

Soft body can be combined with the envelope of an object, or any other deformation. The trick is to using the correct construction mode.

Here is an example:

1. Get a sphere.

2. Create a 2D chain.

3. Make the sphere an envelope on the chain.

4. Tag the points on the bottom half of the sphere.

Image:Soft 1 small.jpg

5. Select the Animation construction mode and apply soft body to the tagged points.

7. Apply gravity.

6. In the construction mode under the object, make sure that the SoftBody operator is below the Envelope operator in the Animation area.

Image:Soft construct.jpg

8. Animate the chain so that it moves quickly, then make it stop suddenly at frame 50.

Watch the sphere wiggle because of the soft body deformation!

In the SoftBody property editor, there are different settings you can change to affect the look of the wiggle. To get a head start, click the Presets tab to set some of the parameters for different effects. Then you can tweak those parameters to get just the right effect.

Image:Soft 2.jpg

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