More Notes and Tips for Maya Users Working with ICE

Here are some more notes and tips for Maya users working with ICE:

  • If the particle shape in Softimage is either Point or Sphere, then the particle render type is automatically set to the corresponding value in Maya but only when the nParticle object is first created. If you are using a different shape in Softimage and later switch to Point or Sphere, the render type in Maya is not updated automatically.
  • If AgeLimit is cached from Softimage, then Lifespan Mode is set to "LifespanPP only" in Maya. If you later remove AgeLimit from the list of cached attributes, then you should change the Lifespan Mode to the desired value manually in Maya.
  • You don’t need to use the same frame range in Maya and Softimage, for example, if you want the emission to start partway through the scene. The nParticle simulation will take over any frames that are not cached by Softimage.

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