Inclusive/exclusive lights within partitions

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How to make scene objects exclusive to a light in one render partition, and yet inclusive to the same light in another render Partition.


Associating models to the light

  1. In two different viewports, display the Explorer view and enable the Show>All nodes option.
  2. In one Explorer, display the Associated Models node by expanding the light object's node > Light properties (the node with the letter P icon)
  3. From the second Explorer view, select the scene object(s) you want to associate to the light and drag & drop it onto the light's Associated Models node in the first Explorer view.

Creating new passes and partitions Note: Lights are Inclusive by default in XSI

  1. Select the light and create a new render pass: from Render module's Pass toolset: Edit>New with Partition
  2. You can rename the Pass Pass_1 and the Light Partition Light_incl: click the scope button to change the scene structure view from Scene to Current Pass and, using your right mouse button, select Rename.
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2, this time renaming the Pass Pass_2 and the new Partition Light_Excl.
  4. Select Pass_1 as the current pass: select Pass_1 from the drop-down pass list.

Applying override properties

  1. In the Explorer view with the scope button set to Current Pass, expand the Current Pass (i.e. Pass_1) and click on the Light_incl Partition node to select it.
  2. From Render module's Get toolset, select Property>Override to access the Override Property Page.
  3. Click on Add Parameters... to open a transient Explorer window
  4. Expand the Light object's  Light properties node (P icon). Scroll down the list of properties and select the Selective Light parameter. Click anywhere outside the Transient page to accept the selection.
  5. Make sure that the Selective Light option is enabled, and exit the Override property page.
  6. Select Pass_2 as the current pass
  7. Select the Light_Excl partition node and repeat steps 2 to 5 - this time, however, disable the Selective Light option from the corresponding Override tab. Exit the property page.

Toggling Between Include/Exclude modes

  1. Switch view B (the Camera view) to the Shade display mode.
  2. Make the current pass Pass_1: the scene objects will be lit, as the Partition contains a Light with an active Override Inclusive option.
  3. Next, make the current pass Pass_2: the scene objects will not be lit, as the Inclusive Override option of the Light in this Partition has been disabled - thus making the Light an Exclusive light.

Applies To: XSI 1.0 on NT,Win2K,Irix

Posted: 11/22/2000

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