Timeline for Adjusting File Input Timing

As of XSI 4.2, it's possible to see the FxTree's clips in the Animation Mixer. To do so:

Click 'E' on a File Input node, or any other FxTree operator. This has the side-effect of setting the node in XSI's selection list.

Open an Animation Mixer, it should now have tracks for each File Input node, and you can tweak the offset and extrapolation mode.

If the Animation Mixer was already opened, hit the 'recyle' - or "Update" button, on its toolbar, and it will refresh with the selection list.

The bottom line : If the animation mixer finds any FxTree or Fx Operator in the selection list when it updates, it will set itself in 'Clip' mode and will create tracks for each File Input.

This can also be used to tweak Image Clip (which are used for textures) timing parameters. Either select the Image Clip itself or the Image Clip Container and refresh the Animation Mixer to get this special edit mode.


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