Water Ripples in ICE

This tutorial is intended for adventurous ICE users who want to build their own effects from scratch.

In this example, you’ll create ripples from raindrops falling onto the surface of water. This example shows how a complex effect can be created using basic ICE nodes. It also demonstrates an iterative method for solving problems in ICE: first decide on a general approach, then validate a proof of concept, and finally keep refining it stage by stage.

This example assumes that you are comfortable moving around in Softimage and the ICE tree view in general, and in particular that you understand ICE concepts like context and data types and that you aren’t afraid of a little bit of mathematics. It’s not too hard, but it isn’t trivial either. It’s meant to show the type of problem-solving techniques that help when working with the low-level nodes in ICE.

PDF file: (right-click to download) Water Ripples in ICE.pdf  (http://softimage.wiki.softimage.com/sidocs/Water_Ripples_in_ICE.pdf) 1.5MB

Finished scene (zipped): tut_ripples_done.zip  (http://softimage.wiki.softimage.com/sidocs/tut_ripples_done.zip) 160kB (saved in version 7.5)

Image:Water ripples ico.jpg

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