Fonts and ui buttons appear incorrectly

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From time to time when I run the Linux version of XSI the fonts and buttons on the UI and MCP do not appear correctly. How can I fix this problem?


This is due to Mainwin not refreshing the fonts correctly. Usually if you quit and restart XSI the problem will be corrected. If not you can open a shell and type the following:

 xset fp default 

hit enter then type

 xset fp rehash

hit enter again, after that XSI should start up correctly.

You can also add this command to your .xsi_x.x file as follows:

 if ( $?DISPLAY ) then
 /usr/bin/X11/xset fp default
 /usr/bin/X11/xset fp rehash

Applies To: XSI 3.0,XSI 3.0.1,XSI 3.5,XSI 3.5.x on Linux

Posted: 3/29/2004

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