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The Autodesk® Softimage® software is supported by a comprehensive set of documentation and reference materials to get you started quickly and to keep you working efficiently throughout your productions. Softimage Help includes user and programmer guides with procedural information for performing various tasks, information about new features, and extensive reference sections.

The Softimage Help is Web-based by default and requires a web browser and Internet connection to view. However, the guides can also be downloaded to your computer or local network ( for installation.

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Softimage User Guide



Softimage SDK Guide



Crosswalk Documentation

mental ray Documentation

Legacy Documentation

Downloads and documentation for legacy features. Legacy features are no longer available in current versions of the software or they are deprecated features which are still implemented in Softimage but we recommend you no longer use them because there are better ways to accomplish the same thing.

Softimage Feature History

  • The feature history page provides a detailed listing of all new features and changes made in previous versions of Autodesk Softimage and the Softimage SDK. Currently the feature history goes back to Softimage version 5.0.

Legacy Behavior

  • Legacy Behavior Guides ( - Information about how to use the legacy Behavior programming system. This documentation includes scripting and programmer's guides, as well as step-by-step tutorials for creating behavioral animation.
  • Legacy Behavior Export Guide ( - Information about the Behavior Export Tool was removed from the Softimage User Guide. This documentation includes information about setting up a Softimage character so that it could be exported and used in the Behavior program.

Legacy Tutorials

Some customers requested access to the old XSI Tutorial guides. These guides have not been updated since version 5.0. Many of the feature workflows have changed since v.5.0, but you can still find a lot of useful information if you are willing to dig through it:

  • Tutorial Database ( (zip 372.9 megs download)

Legacy Particles

As of Softimage 2011, the legacy (non-ICE) particles are no longer supported. This means that you cannot load legacy particle scenes into this version.

If you want to continue to work with the legacy particles in your scenes, you can install the legacy particles toolbar and get access to all the particle commands in Softimage 2010 or 2010SP.

Information about legacy particles was removed from the Softimage User Guide. This documentation includes information about using the legacy particles, fluid, and explosion operators.

Here's a little list to help you move from legacy particles to ICE particles.

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