Autodesk Softimage 2012 SP1 (JP)

Autodesk® Softimage® 2012 ソフトウェア用の最新サービスパック ( には70もの修正が含まれています。


  • Softimage 2012 SP1 はフルビルドであり、Softimage 2012 がすでにインストールされているマシンにインストールできます。
  • Softimage 2012をアンインストールする必要はありません。

Softimage 2012 SP1 では、Softimage 2011と同じライセンスを利用します。Softimage 2012 SP1のインストール:

  • プロダクトキー(590D1)とお使いのSoftimage 2012のシリアル番号を入力し、[次へ]をクリックします。
  • ネットワークライセンスをお使いの場合は、設定をクリックしてネットワークライセンスに切り替えます。


Data Management

  • FELX‐2105 Material trees take longer to process in 2012 vs. 2011.5
  • FELX‐2078 Corruption is persisted after saving in shaders which share classIDs with other initially corrupt shaders.
  • FELX‐1990 Performance: Scenes coming from previous version take much longer to load in 2012 than in 2011
  • FELX‐1834 FBX from maya imports with wrong camera rotation values
  • FELX‐1643 Refmodel Keys offset not saved in delta on referenced model with existing animation
  • FELX‐2300 Group visibility override does not stay on ref model upon scene loading


  • FELX‐2057 FR | Nothing happens when moving tongue controllers (tongue mesh is not affected)
  • FELX‐1946 FR | Shape Export Crashes during Build Rig
  • FELX‐1773 FR | Warning when solving heads in Face Robot


  • FELX‐2220 ICE | If node can occasionally skip data for blob types (Strings and Topos)
  • FELX‐2219 ICE | Show value of string data can be wrong if strings are constant per component
  • FELX‐2172 ICE | Melena Plugin crash Softimage 2012
  • FELX‐2062 SyflexICE | Crash Playing SyIce Zipper Scene after changing the Side1 Point1 parameter value
  • FELX‐563 Lagoa | Crash when applying Turbulize Mesh operator on an Advected mesh even after it has been frozen
  • FELX‐2341 ICE | Crash | Add a Turret constraint to an object A then delete the Constraining object B
  • FELX‐2247 Lagoa hard crash Linux

ICE Modeling

  • FELX‐2202 ICE Modeling | Can't set topology on external mesh if there is no modeling stack marker
  • FELX‐1366 ICE Modeling | CRASH topology edit with Texture Editor open
  • FELX‐1074 ICE Modeling | refresh/evaluation problem creating / connecting nodes
  • FELX‐796 ICE Modeling | [Cluster issue] Added vertex is not part of the envelope
  • FELX‐2169 Split edge Node misses some edges
  • FELX‐2163 ICE Modeling | Dangling vertices with CreateTopo node
  • FELX‐2150 ICE Modeling | cannot get custom topology attribute at point location
  • FELX‐2138 ICE Modeling | Extrusion Along Strands up vector doesn't work properly
  • FELX‐2112 ICE Modeling | Subdivide locally is not working correctly when using filtered subsets
  • FELX‐2111 ICE Modeling | Crash in specific scenario ( setting get data to PolygonIndex )
  • FELX‐2088 ICE Modeling | Set Data from Chunk should expose Cutoff options
  • FELX‐2273 ICE Modeling | vertex inside null does merge
  • FELX‐2051 Crash by freezing a specific ICE Modeling scene
  • FELX‐2328 ICE Modeling | Create Copies from Polygon Mesh set a wrong CopyIndex
  • FELX‐2286 ICE Modeling | [Cluster Issue] CRASH when deleting ICE texture projection on copies of polymesh
  • FELX‐2320 ICE Modeling | "Get Vertices Index from Edge" is missing an "Edge Index" input port
  • FELX‐2179 ICE Modeling | Build Slice Planes should not expose name ports for Planes Normal and Planes Origin
  • FELX‐2281 ICE Topology Compounds : Create Copies from Polygon Mesh is too slow
  • FELX‐2273 ICE Modeling | vertex inside null does not merge
  • FELX‐2047 ICE Modeling | Crash when deleting ICE tree on an old mesh
  • FELX‐2338 LINUX | ICE Modeling first point on a curve returns ‐nan ‐nan ‐nan for XYZ value


  • FELX‐2276 Crash when Volumic Light Map Size is Set to Zero
  • FELX‐2117 Softimage crash with CGFX shader
  • FELX‐2302 Regression ‐ Final Gathering map creating large file when in append mode
  • FELX‐2035 Certain scenes disable the ability to obtain Shader nodes from the Pull‐down Menus
  • FELX‐2363 Rendering with FG produces temporary "mrmap" file in a non‐temporary location
  • FELX‐2164 Delay before Softimage 2012 starts rendering a frame
  • FELX‐2118 FELX‐1686 was not fixed fully. Expression on Material of a Model is still lost if importing as reference model


  • FELX‐2275 UVUnfoldOp Undo refresh problem with pin undo/redo
  • FELX‐2217 regression multi‐editing UVs


  • FELX‐2168 To avoid UI responsiveness problems during playback and simulation, disable tablet pressure support by default
  • FELX‐2140 Help button ("?") in custom property pages broken. Cannot access custom online documentation.
  • FELX‐1908 Wrong Texture display importing .xsi (exported without triangulation)
  • FELX‐2282 Frame and Value boxes are grayed out when selecting a single fcurve without any keys
  • ACSO‐277 Deleting polygons doesn't work properly with User Normal cluster properties
  • FELX‐2275 UVUnfoldOp Undo refresh problem with pin undo/redo
  • FELX‐2283 Regression ‐ Viewcube breaks when closing Render Manager PPG


  • FELX‐2348 ICE pinning seems broken


  • FELX‐2334 Error playing H.264 movies Quicktime Movies in Flipbook or FXTree
  • FELX‐2321 MOV file don't play back in Softimage anymore (Fx Tree or flipbook)


  • FELX‐2128 Custom realtime shaders do not get valid GL context in _Term() callback ‐ leads to memory leaks
  • FELX‐2304 A single‐click selection in the Schematic view during a PickElement() will cause future PickElement() in the same script to fail


  • ACSO‐6 FBX Export ‐ option to convert format of embedded images
  • ACSO‐200 Crosswalk 5.1 COLLADA Exporter does not export CgFX "bind_material" data correctly
  • ACS0‐270 Crosswalk COLLADA Exporter does not export CgFX "bind_material" data correctly – Second Scenario
  • ACSO‐216 FBX MotionBuilder Incorrect Shape Normals
  • ACSO‐41 Tangents/Binormals are not supported properly with XSI 6.0 / COLLADA
  • ACSO‐42 FBX Importer does not import Maya String DynamicAttributes
  • ACSO‐256 Crosswalk COLLADA does not export "bind_material" for shared materials
  • ACSO‐259 Crosswalk COLLADA exporter fails to export compound parameters such as <float3>
  • FELX‐2116 texture coming from Mudbox are not evaluated correctly
  • FELX‐1477 One Click: Mudbox‐Softimage: Material changes in Mudbox are not reflected in SI when there are no maps involved


  • FELX‐2052 LINUX‐ Help link ‐ clicking on url in help dialog will lead to wrong url

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