Viewports: Discrepancy in the viewports' refresh rate

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The viewport in which you are currently working refreshes noticeably faster than the other ones. For example, while working in the Perspective view, scaling a sphere with the scroll bar, you observe that the sphere in the Front, Right, and Top views jumps from one shape to the next. There aren't as many shapes extrapolated between shape A and shape B as there are in the perspective view.


This is an optimization in the refresh functionality that assigns the highest priority to the current viewport.


This behavior is optional. To force a simultaneous refresh of all the viewports:

  1. Choose File > User Preferences...
  2. Select the Interaction tab
  3. In the Display Performance section: enable the Update All Views During Interaction option

Applies To: XSI 1.0 on NT,Win2K,Irix

Posted: 11/22/2000

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