Setting Basic Expressions ...the Easy Way!

Remembering Expression Syntax the Easy Way

The following method should be helpful for first time users, or anyone who is not very good at remembering syntax!


In the following example, you want the X translation of a cone (affected element or target) to be driven by the Z rotation of a null:

1. In the explorer, expand the cone’s Kinematics > Local Transform > Pos node.

2. Right-click on the X parameter’s animation icon (little green box) and choose Expression Editor.

There are several ways of defining an object (null) and its parameter (Z rotation) as the expression driver. Here are two methods you can try:

  • Select the null and its Z Rotation parameter from the Object menu in the expression editor:

1. In the expression editor, click on the Object menu and expand the following nodes: Null > Kinematics > Local Transform > Ori > Euler.

2. Select Z to automatically insert the following expression into the editing pane: null.kine.ltransfo.rotz

3. Click the Apply button to set the expression.


  • Define the null's Z Rotation parameter with the F12 shortcut key:

1. In the expression editor, type null. in the editing pane.

2. Hold down the F12 key: this is the shortcut for opening the Param menu. A list of possible parameters for each parameter level pops up.

3. Complete the null.kine.ltransfo.rotz statement by pressing F12+K (for kine), then L (for local transform), then R three times (as you scroll down through rotx and roty to rotz).

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