Partitions: Unable to delete partition


It is possible to create many partitions in a pass in XSI and these can be deleted if they are no longer needed. However, you may find that you are unable to delete a particular partition, even though it does not appear to be any different from the other partitions in the same pass. There are no errors when you try to delete the partition, it is just not deleted.


You are trying to delete the original Background_Objects_Partition, or the Background_Lights_Partition. These partitions are undeletable, although it is possible to rename them which makes it less obvious that they are the original partitions.

To prove that the partition is the original Background partition you can create a new Object or new Light. The new object or light will be placed in the relevant Background partition.

Another way to check is to re-sort the Explorer view, arranging the elements in order of creation. The Background partitions will appear at the top of their sections.


You can have an empty Background Objects or Background Lights partition, but the partition must still exist. To avoid confusion it may be better not to rename the Background partitions, but to create a new partition if you want a partition with a more descriptive name.

Applies To: XSI 4.0, XSI 4.2 on Win2K,Linux

Posted: 3/9/2005

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