Face Robot Learning Movies

Life-like facial animation
Life-like facial animation

The following are zip files of video clips designed to show you how to use certain aspects of Face Robot. To view the video clips, you need to download and unzip the file to your computer by clicking on the links below.

Face Robot Step-by-Step

#1 - Picking Parts and Landmarks

Getting started by defining the parts and proportions of the face

tutorial #1 - Picking Parts and Landmarks

#2 - Adjusting The Fit

What to look for and adjust in the fitting stage

tutorial #2 - Adjusting The Fit

#3 - Testing the Solve

What to check for after initially solving a head to insure that you are building on a good base

tutorial #3 - Testing the Solve

#4 - Tuning the Jaw and Mouth

How to make sure the Jaw and Mouth are well solved before continuing the tuning process

tutorial #4 - Tuning the Jaw and Mouth

#5 - Wrinkle Painting

Roughing in the wrinkles for better feedback as you tune

tutorial #5 - Wrinkle Painting

#6 - Envelope Painting

Fine tuning the default enveloping in Face Robot

tutorial #6 - Envelope Painting

#7 - Region Editing

How to use the options for the individual face regions to precisely tune deformations

tutorial #7 - Region Editing

#8 - Region Editing Part II

More region tuning goodness

tutorial #8 - Region Editing Part II

#9 - Envelope Editing

Digging a bit deeper into envelopes and editing "virtual" deformers

tutorial #9 - Envelope Editing

#10 - Tuning Eyelids

Using maps and parametric controls to adjust the eyelid deformations

tutorial #10 - Tuning Eyelids

#11 - Adjusting Nose Enveloping

Fine tuning the nose and nostril enveloping with weight painting

tutorial #11 - Adjusting Nose Enveloping

#12 - Adjusting The Sneer

Using region options and wrinkle painting to define a specific area

tutorial #12 - Adjusting The Sneer

#13 - Tuning the Puffers

Using the puffer mute map to adjust the cheek puffing action

tutorial #13 - Tuning the Puffers

#14 - Adjusting Regions Around the Mouth

How to tune the regions that are associated with the mouth corner controls

tutorial #14 - Adjusting Regions Around the Mouth

#15 - Tuning Mouth Properties

Adjusting mouth collision, corner behavior and corrective parameters in the Tune Mouth panel

tutorial #15 - Tuning Mouth Properties

#15.5 - Adjusting the Chin Region

Using enveloping, wrinkle painting, and region adjusting to tune the chin

tutorial #15.5 - Adjusting the Chin Region

#16 - Tuning the Jaw

How to use the jaw tools and graphs to control the deformation of the jaw area

tutorial #16 - Tuning the Jaw

#17 - Upper Neck Regions

How the jaw interacts with the regions in the upper neck and how to tune them

tutorial #17 - Upper Neck Regions

#18 - Sculpting - Brow Region

Using the sculpting tools to precisely adjust the brow deformation

tutorial #18 - Sculpting - Brow Region

#19 - Sculpting - Eyelids and Sculpt History

Sculpting the eyelids and managing sculpts with the sculpt history panel

tutorial #19 - Sculpting - Eyelids and Sculpt History

#20 - Sculpting - The Sneer and Editing Sculpts

Using sculpting to adjust the sneering expression and editing existing sculpts

tutorial #20 - Sculpting - The Sneer and Editing Sculpts

#21 - Sculpting - The Smile

Using sculpting to adjust the smile

tutorial #21 - Sculpting - The Smile

#22 - Sculpting - The Mouth

Using a specific type of sculpting to shape the mouth

tutorial #22 - Sculpting - The Mouth

#23 - The End

Wrapping up and what to expect next!

tutorial #23 - The End

Movie Extras

Motion Capture Data

How to prepare motion capture data for Face Robot (Stage 1: Assemble).

Preparing Mocap Data

Pose Presets

How to apply poses and create your own pose presets, including a bit about calibrating mocap data (Stage 5: Act).

Applying and Creating Poses

Motion Capture Retargeting

How to retarget motion capture data for Face Robot, including offsetting, adjusting, calibrating, and plotting (baking) the data (Stage 5: Act).

Retargeting the Mocap Data

Sculpting a Mouth

How to tune and sculpt a mouth, including how to regenerate the mouth (Stage 6: Tune).

Tuning the Mouth

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