Autodesk Softimage 2013 (JP)

以下に、Autodesk Softimage 2013 の特徴と修正内容を示します。




SOFT-5621	GATOR crash transferring CAVs on components
SOFT-5589	Regression: mesh merge with blend + transfer materials results in corrupt UV cluster
SOFT-5399	(ACME-522) | MergeMeshOp | Clusters without properties not transferred by TransferAllPropertiesAcrossGenOp
SOFT-5388	(ACME-786) | Edge clusters not highlighted in viewports if polygon mesh has more than one
SOFT-2563	GATOR | transfering to an envelope does not overwrite the weights , but adds another envelope operator.
SOFT-1905	Crash in envelope weight prop when deleting enveloped points with the weight editor open
SOFT-1098	Spotlight with Slide Projector shader crashs when viewing cones
SOFT-5170	Poly Merge not Transfering Mats/Uvs properly
SOFT-4954	Split Edge Tools fails to work close to verts on large objects
SOFT-4931	NurbsSurfaceMesh.EvaluateClusterProperty() broken
SOFT-2632	polymesh merge UV's lost on merged objects
SOFT-2532	Cap Hole gives weird results when applied on the border of a 2D obj.
SOFT-2031	Crash! merging a object with Texture_Map and Map_Lookup_Color.
SOFT-4629	Tweak Tools Proportional Consider neighborhood is broken
SOFT-4654	Tweak Curve Tool functionality regression from 2011 - ability to add bezier knots
SOFT-4834	(ACME-380) | CLONE - Select n-Sided Polygons tool is broken
SOFT-1403	Crash when setting users normals on model


SOFT-5405	(ACME-723) | FCurve Editor | Undoing collapsing animation layers doesn't put them back in the FCurve Editor
SOFT-5385	(ACME-716) | Shader parameters are losing "Link With" expressions when reloading scene
SOFT-5362	(ACME-710) | RefModel | Mixer FileCache Track persistence issue
SOFT-5349	(ACME-545) | Pose constraint issue when Animation Ghosting is enabled
SOFT-5341	(ACME-363) | FCurve Editor | Supporting buffer curves as view attributes
SOFT-5338	(ACME-840) | FCurve Editor | Constrained zoom tool doesn't work anymore
SOFT-5297	(ACME-355) | Problem using external animation having different source items than original animation
SOFT-5211	Crash by setting key with Character Key Sets
SOFT-5166	MAYA shortcut regression in 2012 SAP
SOFT-4957	(ACME-717) | Mobu to Softimage shape anim export problem
SOFT-5298	(ACME-437) | FCurve Editor | FCurve smoothing returns unexpected result
SOFT-5295	(ACME-412) | Problem using external animation having different source items than original animation - Last items missing support
SOFT-5294	(ACME-586) | Custom Property FCurves are no longer shown in the Animation Editor
SOFT-5293	(ACME-391) | Audio muted in Real-Time 25%, 50% and 75% modes if playback starts before frame 0
SOFT-5031	(ACME-608) | Animation Editor | New view attributes  
SOFT-5004	(ACME-716) | Shader parameters are losing "Link With" expressions when reloading scene
SOFT-4995	(ACME-731) | Exporting an action adds it as an external file of the scene
SOFT-4993	(ACME-631) | Tagged Parameters import as Locked Value Parameter
SOFT-4955	(ACME-721) - Implicit bone is not handled by any specific selection filter
SOFT-4917	(ACME-389) | Animation Editor switches its editor depending on the current selection
SOFT-2800	Retime Markers are not cleared when changing selection.
SOFT-2930	Envelope Weights - Deformer Pick by Vertex does not pick vertex under mouse pointer
SOFT-2872	Retime tool doesn't work on curves inside action clips.
SOFT-4730	Draw Bones does not work with snapping
SOFT-4822	(ACME-416) | Plot option "Process rotations to ensure continuity" breaks F-curve in a specific setup
SOFT-4832	(ACME-381) | Locked values of the local transform can be modified with the transform tools
SOFT-4833	(ACME-712) | Sources no more active on locked SRT parameters
SOFT-2827	Environment.transform parameter are saved by named matrix index


SOFT-5534	Crash - Load a solved FaceRobot scene, switch to OpenGL then paint some Maps.
SOFT-5173	Linux: OGL interaction glitch
SOFT-2846	sib_environment Tranform does not behave the same in OGL and Render.
SOFT-1083	Linux: TIF files with LZW compression crash Softimage
SOFT-5445	(ACME-808) | Restricted users cannot render additional channels when the main channel is disabled
SOFT-5427	(ACME-402) | Crash when using the sample "metal" CgFX shader
SOFT-5422	(ACME-420) | ICE | StrandVelocity Motion Blur is ignored if PointVelocity is 0
SOFT-5387	(ACME-347) - CgFX shaders don't support properly dds-mipmap textures
SOFT-5384	(ACME-715) | Cubic_Mapping_6 shader has Y and Z axis not align with global reference axis
SOFT-5358	Real time shaders + Select specific image UV pair removes nodes from render tree
SOFT-5305	Crash during New Scene with Render Preview Open (Toon Pass)
SOFT-4750	RENDERING SDK: MR Shader Wizard generate vcproj contain dependencies lib "bufferoverflowU.lib" in x64 platform
SOFT-1163	Softimage writes a temporary file in %XSI_BINDIR% when you don't render the Main channel
SOFT-5056	(ACME-610) | Importing an .xsishaders file doesn't import the texture imageclips
SOFT-5055	(ACME-525) | Crash when importing Model with custom RT Shaders
SOFT-5051	(ACME-382) | New option to prevent getting back to initial frame after a screen capture
SOFT-5050	(ACME-346) | ICE | Angular velocity angle is recycling between -180 and 180 degrees
SOFT-5049	(ACME-418) | ICE - wrong shape instance when rendering instances with ShapeInstanceTime
SOFT-5046	(ACME-479) | UnPreMultiply clips RGB values to 1.0 with float images
SOFT-5023	(ACME-452) | RenderMap renders black image if object has visible instances
SOFT-5020	(ACME-493) | Rendering: Add support for partial frames (frame set)
SOFT-5013	(ACME-509) | Render Region should not render automatically when Auto-Refresh is off
SOFT-5011	(ACME-556) | TextureLayers.Layer.color connection lost
SOFT-5010	(ACME-528) | Shader Color parameter of TextureLayer does not load since 2011
SOFT-5009	(ACME-600) | Unconnected image clips made by merge scene
SOFT-5008	(ACME-633) | Can't update many shader definitions at once
SOFT-1026	Problems with shader compounds that have too many exposed ports
SOFT-2948	Regression: Textutres on surface port of material incompatible with shaded mode representation.
SOFT-2613	Create Transform and Decompose Transform Math Shaders not showing as expected
SOFT-4579	HARD Crash On ScalarCurve edit
SOFT-986	Annotation Object casts shadows in OGL mode
SOFT-2275	RTS: Second Texture Space is not updating OpenGL view
SOFT-4665	Linux | Realtime shader crash 01
SOFT-4551	sitoa | Very slow render of hair with cut/density map
SOFT-2947	Softimage switches back to default renderer when loading an scene from command line
SOFT-2942	RENDERING: Crash Texture display for DDS image format in Japanese file name
SOFT-1162	XSINormalMap3 remap function doesnt work
SOFT-2618	duplicate instance leads to issues with partitions
SOFT-4787	CGFX cube samplers are broken.
SOFT-1172	Errors line 214 in RTUserTools.js upon opening a Render tree when the Delete Unused nodes preference is set to true.
SOFT-2664	OGL: Add support for more than 4 texture projections
SOFT-2826	Export selected command on a render tree material node doesn't work
SOFT-1459	RTS: viewport display not updated properly when you switch to another display mode and then back to realtime
SOFT-1239	OGL - Display for Spot Light Cones
SOFT-963	Editing mesh topology corrupts OpenGL realtime shader display
SOFT-2861	Ability to remove the white bucket that appears in the render region


SOFT-5440	(ACME-659) | ICE | Exposed compound port name can't be the same as an internal compound name
SOFT-5428	(ACME-456) | ICE | ICENodePort.GetConnectedNodes and GetConnectedPorts return sometimes wrong objects
SOFT-5386	(ACME-396) | ICE | Raycast node doesn't support well the cutoff distance
SOFT-5360	ICE Modeling : Create Copies from Polygon Mesh is broken when using Point Cloud template
SOFT-5053	(ACME-433) | ICE | Debugging arrow tips are not scaling along with arrows length
SOFT-4532	CreatePolygonTool broken if ICETree present over modeling stack
SOFT-2824	CustomPassThrough ICENode example crashes in a geometry group context.
SOFT-2823	Crash when editing membership in a Group used for ICETree Geometry Instance
SOFT-2781	ICE | when refer a custom attribute that is child of a Model except using one GetData node, refresh doesn't work
SOFT-2232	Changing pointcloud context of ClonePoint can cause deadlock or crash
SOFT-2227	ICE | Curve locators gone wild
SOFT-5054	(ACME-742) | ICE | Debugging arrow tips are too big for small vectors
SOFT-5052	(ACME-388) | ICE Compound | Please persist the open/close group state when exporting compounds
SOFT-4941	0-1 Min/Max value is always rest to 0-10 : Linear Interpolate and Quaternion Interpolate
SOFT-4913	ICE: using '"' in a string node will result in corrupt compounds
SOFT-2932	ICE Modeling | Cap Hole tool is too slow
SOFT-2708	Filtering of VertexToPolygons Followed by Build Array from Set Oddities
SOFT-2589	ICE | crash when loading ICE scene data
SOFT-2502	ICE Modeling | ICE based tools performance is too slow
SOFT-2316	ICE - Lagoa Cloth (Object pass through the collider by default). Default Substeps should be changed to fix this.
SOFT-2190	Lagoa-Collider Groups not supported upon initial creation and error result not logged
SOFT-1309	ICEModeling | Crash undoing delete ICETree in this scene specific
SOFT-1286	ICEModeling | Crash undoing Freeze of geometry in this scenario.
SOFT-4620	ICE | Get Closest Point to Line does not resolve output type based on input type
SOFT-2809	ICE | Create Copy from PolygonMesh doesn't work
SOFT-4697	ICE Modeling Texture Projection Sample Scene V Scale Broken
SOFT-4628	HARD Crash On Texture_Map Lookup in ICE on a reference
SOFT-4574	ICE| Cycle check doesn't recognize the case when the cycle is formed via a dynamic ICE attribute
SOFT-2813	ICE | Getting crash at setting topology from array if selected item is out of scope
SOFT-2799	ICE | Rigid Bodies | particles not updated with AngularVelocity
SOFT-2713	Build Linearly Interpolated Array gives division by zero when size is 1
SOFT-2712	(ACSO-387) | ICE | Renaming a group with spacing invalidates all Get Data nodes referring to it
SOFT-2683	Renaming objects with a space character in the name breaks ICE graphs


SOFT-5425	(ACME-532) | FX Viewer | Preferences .Lut file support
SOFT-5383	(ACME-366) | Priority of local versus global material clusters is broken
SOFT-1511	Unfold - Cannot remove an edge from cutline after using "set from current edges".


SOFT-5623	UI: XSI Crashes when Entering Layout Editing Mode with a PolyMesh in Scene
SOFT-5591	Combo parameter in PPGs keep keyboard focus.
SOFT-4	ICE - Ability to turn off all the show values of an ICETree
SOFT-5421	(ACME-559) | Layouts in a workgroup are not added until XSI restarts
SOFT-5420	(ACME-538) | Compound Version Manager | Version column is not always large enough
SOFT-5415	(ACME-504) | Copy/Paste Comment and Group Comment nodes don't work
SOFT-5407	(ACME-430) | Launching Softimage with -uiscript displays some dialogs
SOFT-5369	(ACME-431) | CustomPSet | Parameter name changed when a new proxy parameter is created
SOFT-5339	(ACME-713) | Scene Layer Manager | Crash when toggling visibility attributes under Windows XP 32bit
SOFT-5250	(ACME-581) | Optional toolbar settings (such as Animation Editor) are not save correctly when running in Japanese
SOFT-4879	ICE Tree layout UI Refresh issue
SOFT-2429	Lock refresh problem
SOFT-1013	UI: Texture Editor View Attribute "overlaps" doesn't do anything when set in Custom Relational View Editor
SOFT-5269	(ACME-410) | New horizontal/vertical spacer toolbar widget
SOFT-5255	(ACME-390) | Increase the visibility of local rendering properties in the Explorer for all Renderers
SOFT-5249	(ACME-561) | Glitches when maximizing collapsed floating windows
SOFT-4918	(ACME-467) | Can't assign native command to Shift+Z key in keyboard mapping
SOFT-4851	UI: Softimage Crashes At Startup When Layout Editing Mode is Active
SOFT-926	Audio Destination keeps resetting to 'None'
SOFT-813	Bone primitive needs selection filter and more visibility support
SOFT-2677	crash on layout editing
SOFT-4627	HARD Crash On Texture_Map Lookup in ICE on a reference
SOFT-4821	(ACME-732) | Fail to manipulate the light cone on a duplicated spot light
SOFT-688	DirectX9 display doesn't update to show changes to HLSL shader code
SOFT-499	Ability to pan in the Ice Tree with middle mouse button


SOFT-5441	SDK UI WG: Custom Layouts doesn't load when re-connecting a Workgroup that has its path cached in Plugin Manager
SOFT-5374	python : httplib AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'HTTPSConnection'
SOFT-5343	(ACME-642) | SDK | Wrong parent returned for a ShaderParameter nested under another ShaderParameter/ShaderArrayParameter
SOFT-2857	PutFCurveType doesn't work for Fcurves inside a Clip
SOFT-2830	SDK: Workgroup Layout connected via .wkg File does not show up in View | Layouts menu
SOFT-2819	SDK: Layout not picked up if connecting to new workgroup using
SOFT-2565	SDK LINUX: Annotation.Parameter( "Sender" ).Value is not working.
SOFT-2019	(ACME-769) | SDK: Parameters defined after a color parameter can't be edited in multi mode.
SOFT-1877	SDK LINUX: Softimage crashes when doing Collection.AddItem
SOFT-5200	(ACME-836) | SDK | XSIUIToolkit.PickFolder doesn't always return the shorten path
SOFT-5162	(ACME-400) | CDH's ViewContext | Add metadata and view object support
SOFT-5147	SDK UI: FCurve Edito view attribute "hlecompensation" should not be changeable when "hle" is false
SOFT-5146	(ACME-597) | Can't modify Python code in Script Operator Editor
SOFT-5139	(ACME-470) AddClip SDK command | Argument requested to avoid UI interaction
SOFT-5138	(ACME-530) | An enum value in siFamily is missing for MarkerOperators
SOFT-5132	(ACME-384) | Multi output ports/targets of OperatorContext are not well supported with the C++ API
SOFT-5118	(ACME-395) - Porting the Maya Depth-of-Field plug-in to Softimage
SOFT-5026	(ACME-403)|Crash when calling InspectObj from a PPG _OnChanged callback
SOFT-4972	(ACME-627) | SDK | new view attributes for the Texture Editor
SOFT-4770	SDK: Memory leak whenever the si shortcut from siutils is used
SOFT-2254	SDK | Update AddMaterial Method
SOFT-5110	(ACME-607) | Setup : The content of the files under ...\XSISDK\include\Core (or FTK) is invalid
SOFT-4641	SDK: Parameter.IsValid() returns False when the object is valid
SOFT-4835	(ACME-672) | Subcomponent objects are not consistent after a topology change
SOFT-2929	RefModels Expression SDK parenting fails
SOFT-4684	SDK: PPGControlType not defined for TextureSpaceItem and gradient controls
SOFT-4683	SDK: Cannot create a gradient widget in PPGlayout of shader definition plugin (realtime shaders).
SOFT-4572	RENDER SDK: Add SetReadOnly shortcut to ShaderParamDefOptions class
SOFT-2789	SDK UI : Cannot refresh PPG Layout from PPG pane context menu
SOFT-2684	C++ PPGEventContext Refresh on siOnInit breaks future GetInspectedObjects() calls.
SOFT-1928	SDK API: Passing invalid indices argument will cause a crash.
SOFT-1854	SDK UI: Progressbar doesn't raise an error if we set smaller value for .Maximum than .Minimum when .Visible=False


SOFT-5462	Action Items imported from FBX take the length of current scene's start and end frames
SOFT-5430	FBX Import animation - Turn on FCurve by default
SOFT-5303	Softimage fails to open medium to large FBX files, using both One-Click and FBX Import
SOFT-4921	fbx - Import FBX a file that was exported from 3dsMax and the animation of the Character arms will be wrong.
SOFT-5060	FBX Bone tool : missing a bone during export
SOFT-5041	ACME-371 | Crosswalk | Shader parameters animated by the mixer are not persisted properly
SOFT-4582	(ACSO-415) |  increase  the performance with Crosswalk 2012
SOFT-4686	(ACME-404) | Performance issue with Crosswalk 2012 Phase2
SOFT-2161	XSI FBX Export LEAKS when there is UV Texture assigned to material


SOFT-5112	(ACME-673) | RefModel | Translation is lost when applying Match All Transforms with TranslateTool activated
SOFT-5109	(ACME-551) | Crash inspecting "RetargetAdjustPPG" with RefModel
SOFT-5108	(ACME-624) | Model import fails for the ICE Kinematics controlled objects
SOFT-4966	(ACME-491) | Caching frames outside timeline range doesn't work
SOFT-2917	RefModel | Undoing ConvertToRefModel doesn't put back the nested material as local materials
SOFT-2905	RefModel | Crash when undoing ConvertToRefModel
SOFT-968	Cache Manager | Caching results in little black dots
SOFT-2637	RefModel : when using copy / paste does not name back correct after undo
SOFT-1333	Crash Softimage when renaming object from customer scene
SOFT-5401	(ACME-344) | RefModel | ConvertToRefModel doesn't support properly shared image clips and sources
SOFT-5389	(ACME-375) | Mixer | Shader parameters are not affected by animation clips when reloading scene
SOFT-5363	(ACME-730) | RefModel | Mixer persistence issue
SOFT-5348	(ACME-399) | Crash when importing a specific scene having an expression in an action
SOFT-5346	(ACME-424) | Mixer persistence issue when the Camera Distance parameter (Center of Interest) is part of an animation layer
SOFT-5345	(ACME-426) | "Save As > Copy External Files under Project" fails from project AAA01 to project AAA
SOFT-5344	(ACME-397) | Expressions in a constraint are lost when loading v5.11 scenes
SOFT-1173	Softimage crashes when caching (NCache format) all attributes of a Lagoa Simulation


SOFT-5429	(ACME-838) | FaceRobot | DNA path is no longer relative
SOFT-5035	(ACME-652) | FaceRobot | Support multiple paths instead of a single path for libraries
SOFT-5034	(ACME-583) | FaceRobot DNA path should be relative instead of absolute
SOFT-5025	(ACME-619) | FaceRobot | Impossible to select controllers from the Act panel
SOFT-5024	(ACME-505) | SIExtractPhonemes: Japanese language option is not working


SOFT-5012	(ACME-615) | Getting low FPS with many lights with Softimage
SOFT-4967	(ACME-638)|Scripting support for Capture Options codec parameters
SOFT-5614	Running xsibatch or xsi with -w Argument fails when target workgroup contains layouts
SOFT-5372	LINUX Reload (F5) command in flipbook does not update when not on frame 1
SOFT-2687	Bone primitive still does not work with Duplicate Symmetry


SOFT-5190	Un-install dialog should display Japanese in Japanese OS



SOFT-1373	OneClick\ICEFlow | Sometimes cache will not load properly when sending some simulation from Softimage to Maya on Linux
                ''Workaround: Manually reload the simulation cache in Maya when this happens.''

SOFT-1407	OneClick\ICEFlow -> Send an Envelope from Max to Softimage and the Envelope will be broken when cache indices match that of the envelope operator.
                ''Workaround: Move the cache operator above the envelop operator or mute the envelop operator.''

SOFT-1523	OGL/HQV: Viewing close-up textures in full screen Crashes Softimage and Video Card.''Video drivers can timeout for complicated GPU programs, resulting with a driver reset. A workaround to change the timeout is documented here:''

SOFT-1719	Vista and Windows 7 : Audio volume stays stuck at Zero after you set it to zero once with the  Windows Volume Mixer.
                ''Search for "xsi.exe"under this registry, and delete that sub-registry key. It will reset the default sound value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\Audio'' 

SOFT-2105	ICEFlow - Send a Rigid Body simulation to Maya and the obj. will be static
                ''Workaround: Need to cache with "all transform" option ON''

SOFT-2131	ICEFlow (MAX) -some envelopes sent from Max to Softimage appear as invisible.
                ''Workaround: Mute the Envelope operator before sending to Softimage.''



SOFT-5645	HQV - Added MAX samples ENV for lower end cards who are experiencing issues related to SOFT-1523
                ''Experienced users who have powerful graphics cards can change the capping in the setenv.bat or remove the capping entirely.''

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