GetDisplayMode Command

Here is useful plugin by Jason Brynford-Jones. It contains a custom command called “GetDisplayMode”.

It is a useful example of how to read information about the camera settings of the different viewports of the View Manager.

Logmessage GetDisplayMode
            Takes current Viewport
            If not a camera it will throw
'ERROR : GetDisplayMode: Specified viewport is not a camera

Argument examples
Logmessage GetDisplayMode (“A”)
Logmessage GetDisplayMode (“Camera”)
Logmessage GetDisplayMode (“Views.ViewA.TopCamera")


Installation instructions: Unzip this file into your \Application\Plugins directory (in your user directory or a workgroup). Use the Plug-in Manager to "Update All" or restart Softimage. You now have the "GetDisplayMode" command available for use in your scripts.

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