Softimage Basics Guide

Download the Softimage Basics Guide ( (PDF) for an overview of the main features, tools, and workflows of Softimage, helping you get a headstart in understanding and using the software. This guide has been updated for Softimage 2010, but because it covers the fundamental concepts and workflows of Softimage, the information it contains will apply to Softimage well beyond this version.

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If you’re eager to take Softimage for a spin, there’s enough information in this guide to get you started without needing to do more homework. Many workflow overviews are included, as well as command names that tell you where to find things.

Remember that all the detailed information and procedures are covered in the Softimage User's Guide and the Softimage SDK Guide available from the Help menu on the main menu bar in Softimage (or press the F1 key): we’ve just filtered out the main goodies for you here.

Now, go fire up Softimage and have some fun!

The Softimage Documentation Team

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