What is Face Robot, you may ask? It is a suite of tools that work together to help you easily rig and animate life-like faces, no matter what that face looks like!


With Face Robot, you can:

  • Create realistic, expressive facial animation for games, film, and television productions.
  • Develop ultra realistic real-time facial animation for games. Even at low resolutions, the quality is amazing.
  • Bring a Face Robot rigged and animated head into Autodesk┬« Maya┬« or other 3D software for use in your projects.

Face Robot realistically and consistently simulates how the soft tissue of the human face slides and deforms. Instead of building shapes for each facial expression, the soft tissue of the face can be manipulated directly through the salient features of facial anatomy, such as the corners of the mouth, the eyebrows, the jaw, and so on.

Face Robot lets you quickly set up a facial rig by taking you through several stages. Once you have a facial rig, you can animate the facial controls and sculpt and tune the facial tissue using Face Robot-specific tools, as well as some familiar Softimage ones.

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