Reliable interoperability is the most important part of a mixed-tool pipeline—and that’s exactly why you need Crosswalk.

Crosswalk is an ongoing initiative to help seamlessly transfer Softimage content into and out of any previously established 3D pipeline. You can transfer assets using the latest dotXSI, COLLADA, and FBX standards. Install Crosswalk and you can also import, export, and update scene elements in the dotXSI 6.0 file format within your Crosswalk-enabled Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Autodesk® Maya® installations.

The Crosswalk SDK enables rapid implementation of read and write support for the dotXSI file format in a wide variety of circumstances. Designed to facilitate the integration of dotXSI into nearly any interactive media pipeline, the toolkit includes a set of core resources, including dotXSI file I/O library and header files and compilable source code for sample applications.

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